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This list is predominantly for graduates ( and people attending, even if they did not graduate ) from Marion Pleasant High School.  There are sections of this website though for teachers, principals, civic leaders, etc.  Please leave your comments below.

Thanks for your help.  I could not do this without you.



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2 Responses to A – CLASSMATES and FRIENDS

  • Jim Seward says:

    Thanks for doing this, Bob. Didn’t know about many of these.

  • Robert Andrews says:

    Jim, I was always busy working on the weekends in my band, so never got a chance to get to know many of you. That was a failure on my parents’ part. Socialism is a huge part of growing up. I missed that. Anyway, this is a way that I can stay in touch with some of my classmates. I just posted Eddie’s obituary. I got a chance to visit with him a couple of years ago. It is sad to see all of “the kids” growing old.

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