Slack, Charlie – 1977 ?

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charlie-slack-headstoneCharlie Slack never actually graduated.  He was my first exposure to the eventual passing of friends, family, schoolmates. Charlie was only about fifteen years old or so when he died. A manhole cover was left open, and Charlie, being a typical little boy, went down into the manhole. The inert gas pumped in to slow deterioration of the wires and circuits quickly overcame him and he never woke up. This was around 1974. I don’t have a photo, but I still remember him clearly in my mind.

He was a classmate of Mike DeLauder. Mike’s sister Paula was at cheerleading camp at Bluffton College in the summer that Charlie died. Even in the days of no cell phones, the news made its way to the camp.

Charlie left behind a sister, Rita, who was older than he.

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