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Date: 04/20/2015 04:12 PM
Subject: Re: high school reunion


I wish I could attend but I will be busy with many projects that take me all over from Europe to Asia. August 8th I’ll be in Taiwan. In Fall I’ll be running around Asia with my home base in Taipei. If anyone happens that way, look me up the beer’s on me.

I don’t Facebook. Perhaps you can share this at the reunion.

Hope everyone is doing well and life is treating you right. About my kids. Two kids. Alex lives in New York City and works for Goldman; I can’t believe he turned NSA down because he wanted to live in NYC. Okay. What can you do? Makes a lot more money than I do. So there’s that. And Preston is a 3rd year Cornell Weil Med school student, also in NYC (not Syracuse). Preston spent part of 2014 in West Africa working for a hospital in Accra and rural clinics. Both got their degrees at Johns Hopkins. Both are way better than me. Both honors grads. Both have won lots of accolades… For instance, Preston won an Academy of Motion Picture Arts Award for the play “Corrections” in high school. Both were National Merit Scholarship recipients. Alex went to the early entrance program at the U of Washington, Seattle at age 12… In 2013 and he took a year off to scuba dive around the world. Okay… so much for the kids.

As for me, the old man, I’ve lived everywhere. Got to be close up when the wall came down in Berlin, and too close when the Murrah Federal Building in OKC was blown up, and when the Pentagon was partially hit, and when things went from bad to worse in Bosnia.

My wife Elaine Hsieh is Professor of Communications at Oklahoma U. She is twice a smart as me (not hard to do) and a whole lot prettier (also not hard to do). Funny story. She is from Rep of China. She had a kid in her class a few years ago. She didn’t recognize the English name and made him say it three times so she would get it right. The other students started laughing. His name was Demarco. Demarco Murray — more recently the number one running back in the NFL last year. Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin and I used to chat cause they took naps on the sofa outside my office.

Couple of things.
• If Dan Jerew shows up. I guess you still carry the scar from my minibike on your right calf. Sorry about that and the crappy sewing job you suffered on the floor of your kitchen from the oral surgeon Dr. Housekeeper. But still, it’s a memento. We used to “sleep out” on top of the little room built inside the garage where he and Doug (not so much Kim) worked on converting street bikes to dirt bikes. Strange how kids are innately inclined to build forts… little shelters for private use — the basement room for instance next to the bar with the sign “I don’t swim in your toilet, don’t pee in my pool.”
• If Jack Decker shows up… we ended up in the same wrestling weight class so I dropped weight. He was a real gamer and… what some may not know, after practice he headed over to a restaurant called the “LK” behind the Ford dealership over by the hospital to wash dishes. That’s something after a wrestling practice. I know, I know… it’s not cool to be a “good boy” but he was. And humble too. Tough and humble. A little wild but mostly a good kid.
• If Greg Arter shows up, thanks for teaching me how to ride a motorcycle… I miss your dad. He was awesome. Otherwise, when I look at yearbooks I remember the exact moment when I took some of the pictures and what was happening outside the frame, and before and after the shot. I’m glade someone took those pictures. I think the best thing I did was… I always tried to capture people in their best light.
• Keith I remember playing peewee league baseball with you. For some reason, that was the memory that jumped to my mind when you said your name. Of course I remember you as a high schooler too — you were one of the smart ones.

Have fun

Remember, freedom is what you do with what has been done to you, and don’t love anything that can’t love you back.

Eric Mark Kramer, Ph.D.
Associates Second Century Presidential Professor
The University of Oklahoma

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