Jim and Denise Castle


Use these links to see photos of Nathan his son, and Jessica, his daughter.
Residence: Marion, Ohio
College: School of Hard Knocks
Military branch: Army - 6 years service
Occupation: Whirlpool 33 years
Married: Yes
Children: 1 boy(s) / 1 girl(s)
Grand children: 0 boy(s) / 0 girl(s)
Activities I participated in: I got up every morning and went to school, that took a lot out of me.
Favorite high school memory: too many to tell, but I guess one would have to be all of my visits to the Deans Office, and all the weeks that I spent standing in the hall.
What I've done since high school: worked my ass off. I should have gone to college and then worked my ass off.
Awards and achievements: Hey! I graduated from high school I think that was a big achievment, or at least everyone else thought so.
Hobbies & interests: then or now?
Goals for the future: retirement. Then go back to Pleasant High School and spend some more time standing in the halls.

My wife Denise, we been married 26 years and of all things I married a school teacher. What was I thinking.

My son nathan. He is a 2nd degree black belt in TKD, he works as a correction officer in a maxium security prison. Hey I can still kick his butt....... in my dreams.

My daughter Jessica. She is in her 3rd year at Malone College. She got a full academic scholarship to Malone. WOW! Save me a bunch of money for college. Didn't get her academic skills from me so you can't blame me.