Robert Andrews with wife Cynthia Cielle


Your Current Name: Robert Andrews

Your Name in School: Robert Andrews

Current City of Residence: Phoenix, Arizona

Interests and Hobbies: Webmaster, bass guitar, science, math, travelling, adventure, cooking, weaving, software development

Member of OnLine Group: Facebook,

Member of Class of...: 1975

Religious View: Christian with a twist

Political View: Conservative Liberal

Continents Visited: North America, Europe, Asia,

Favorite Countries Visited: Turkey, Finland, Portugal, Spain, France, Andorra,

Married to Another PHS Alumnus: No

Name of Spouse (if married): Cynthia Cielle

Number of Children: None

Number of Grandchildren: None

Pets: Used to have 2 tortoises, a cat, and a Pharoah hound

eMail Address:

Occupation: Semi-retired - Part-time Webmaster

College: University of Phoenix, BA in Management

Awards and Achievements: Webmaster for, Member American Mensa, Toastmasters

Goals for the Future: Have enough money to put me into the ground

Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Gimmel/Drollinger taught me the value of learning to speak in front of an audience, and Mme Hiney taught me French to a level that allowed me to (marginally) converse in Paris thirty years later. I bought a copy of Georges Moustaki while in Paris. I also loved Mr. Newell's rendition of Mr. FOIL (first, outer, inner, last).

Favorite School Memory: Jerimiah Johnson was big in the theaters. I remember working on the cabin at Mr. Gucker's farm with Mike Frank, Mitch Roe, Tim McKnight, and a few others. We smoked, we spit, we scratched, and we ate catfish, cooked right out of the stream.

"Tuck in yer tail, and run fer yer life... cause I'm a sassy-assed bastard with fire in my eyes!"

Truth Must Be Told: Yes, I finally admit guilt. I passed out 24 bags of marbles, with about 20 marbles in each bag. When the bus stopped at the top of the hill to pick up Jeff Kimmel, we all opened our bags and eased the marbles onto the bus floor. The ensuing racket had a kind of musical quality, although Mrs. Meade did not appreciate it. Looking back: probably not such as good idea. We won't even talk about the marijuana posted outside the principal's office or the smoke bomb!

Bad Stuff in Your Life: I ruptured a disk and had back surgery (spinal laminectomy) and have had two malignant cancers. The GOOD thing was that I had three doctors tell me the signs were nothing to worry about, but I insisted, and they found the malignancy VERY early. I've also been through two other wives until I finally found my perfect partner.

Good Stuff in Your Life: I had 14 years of service in the State of Arizona, but had a chance to give it all up to go to work for American Express. VERY scary, but it turned out OK.

Things you would have done differently: I would have paid more attention in class. Some of the things that I didn't pay attention to are the things that interest me now. I think that I SEVERELY under-appreciated Mr. Smith.

Worst Memory: Ahhh... Those were tender years Bev Boswell broke my heart.

Funniest Short Joke: A man walks into a bar... Ouch!

Other Information:

Looking to make contact with: The people who I never had the opportunity to appreciate when I was growing up.